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What would you rather see on the front page?
Juan Reyes
What would you rather see on the front page
Fox News
Something else- post in the forums.

This poll was posted when I found the weather plugin for the Weather Channel and accuweather would work with our site. It was too big for a side panel and made the page scroll too far down if it was added on the front page. I thought that it might be nice to have it on the front page but it would require moving the Fox news feed. So, "the poll" to leave it up to the users of the site. The weather block was added to the bottom of the navigation bar until the poll was finished.
Juan Reyes
Ok. After about 10 days the results are in.
100 members posted a whopping13 votes (I voted twice!)
There were 6 votes for weather
There were 5 votes for Fox news
There were 2 votes for other.

As I voted twice for weather, I guess technically Fox News won.
So, Fox news will stand on the front page.
I hadn't checked I'd like to see Fox news. I would honestly like to see the REAL El Dorado news. it takes about 3 days for the paper to print it if at all. there was a fight don the next block lost week about 25-50 peple.....never reported...as many aren't.
or since REAL El dorado news wasn't liked how about local photos. this may also be a way for people to become interested in this site and maybe stick around or visit since 2006-2008? I will try to post an example in a regular thread.
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