FAQ: (Frequently Asked Questions)
Sheriff's Office - General Detention Center

Can I bring a detainee anything while in jail?

Please contact the Sheriff's Office for more information regarding what can be sent.

Can I call or leave a message for a detainee?

No. Detainees may not receive phone calls or messages. They may call out either by calling collect, having an account through the inmate phone company, or by purchasing calling cards off of commissary.

Can I have my phone number blocked?

Yes. For questions regarding our phone service or to have your phone number blocked, contact City TeleCoin (our inmate phone service provider) at 1-800-682-0707.

Can I pick up a detainee's property?

Yes. With the detainee's authorization, we will release personal property to an individual that the detainee specifies. You will need to bring a state issued photo ID to pick up the property. Clothing and money will not be released.

Can I visit an inmate at the jail?

Please call for more info.


Can you recommend a professional bondsman?

No. We will refer you to the local telephone directory or yellow pages, or you may view a complete list of licensed bailbondsmen at:


How do I place money on a detainee's commissary account?

Money orders are accepted by mail only and should be made out in the inmate's name. The envelope must be addressed to:


Union County Sheriff's Office

ATTN: Commissary Accounts

250 American Rd

El Dorado, AR 71730


If the envelope is addressed in any other manner, you may risk having the money order returned to you, or for a payment to be placed on another account (such as fines or ticket payment).


You may also use the kiosk in the forward lobby (across from district court) for cash, debit, or credit deposits.

What about contact visits?

Contact visits are generally not allowed at this facility. Exceptions to this policy must be made in advance by jail administration or the sheriff, and will generally be granted only for emergency situations.

When will a detainee be transported to prison after he is sentenced?

This depends on available bed space at the receiving facility and when the detainee is placed on that facility's waiting list. For the safety of our transporting deputies, we will not disclose specific dates or times for transport, nor will the detainee be allowed to use the phone prior to transport. He or she can contact you once they arrive at their destination, according to that facility's policy.


Can I file a complaint against a deputy?

We strive to serve the citizens of Union County with the utmost dignity and respect. If you feel like we have not done so and wish to file a complaint, you may do so by filling out a complaint form available at the front window at the sheriff's office. The form will then be forwarded to Internal Affairs for investigation.

Can I get a copy of an incident or accident report?

Copies of reports may be picked up in the front office of the Sheriff's Office. Reports are generally available about three days after the report is made. There is a small processing fee for releasing the report.

How can I file a report?

Contact us at 864-1970. We will dispatch a deputy, who will contact you either in person or take a report over the phone.

How do I find out of someone has a warrant?

We maintain a copy of our warrant list here. You may also contact us at 864-1970 to check the status on a warrant.

How do I get an order of protection against a person?

Orders of protection are only served by the sheriff's office. They are issued by the circuit court of Union County. You may contact Victim's Assistance at 863-8762 or visit them at 106 N Washington for assistance in filing an order.

How do I pay a ticket?

Tickets may be paid Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00am and 4:30pm.  Tickets may also be paid via phone by calling 870-864-1970.


Please allow approximately 3 business days for processing of the citation before paying the fine. Payments cannot be accepted until the ticket is turned in by the issuing officer and processed.


I need to be fingerprinted in order to be hired for employment or to continue employment. Do you provide this service?

Yes.  Fingerprints are done between 8:00am and 12:00pm on Fridays. There will be a $10 fee. No appointment is needed.

I will be leaving town on vacation. Can your deputies check my house while I am away?

Absolutely. Contact us at 864-1970 and ask for Dispatch. We will be happy to take your information and set up a special patrol for your address. We will leave a green tag each time we check your property.

Who do I contact if I have a question about a paper?

Criminal summons, subpoenas, or civil process papers are only served by the sheriff's office. We do not generate these documents. There is usually contact information on the cover page of the document if a response is required. For criminal summons or subpoenas, you can contact the prosecuting attorney's office at 864-1960.

Union County Sheriff's Office 250 American Rd El Dorado, AR 71730