Inmate Visitation

Visitation is a privilege offered to all inmates. Visitation rules are available at the front window of the Sheriff’s Office and are also posted here. Visitation is available every day 8:00a.m. through 8:00p.m. and must be set up by the inmate. Visitation is conducted through a video-chat style interface using kiosk in the lobby of the Sheriff’s Office.  The Union County Sheriff’s Office is NOT responsible for any technical difficulties with the kiosk system and visits will not be refunded due to technical errors. Visits may also be conducted remotely by laptop or smart-phone by visiting

Schedule for lock-down pods (B,D,F pods) and booking:


Cell 1 8am – 9am

Cell 2 9am – 10am

Cell 3 10am – 11am

Cell 4 12pm – 1pm

Cell 5 1pm – 2pm

Cell 6 2pm – 3pm


Cell 6 8am – 9am

Cell 5 9am – 10am

Cell 4 10am – 11am

Cell 3 12pm-1pm

Cell 3 1pm – 2pm

Cell 1 2pm – 3pm

Schedule for nurses station:


Cell 1 1pm – 2pm

Cell 2 2pm – 3pm

Cell 3 3pm – 4pm


Cell 3 1pm – 2pm

Cell 3 2pm – 3pm

Cell 1 3pm – 4pm


Department of Correction inmates participating in the Act 309 Program will observe all pertinent rules and regulations from the DOC regarding visitation. All visitors for 309’s must be approved by DOC staff according to policy before visiting. Visitation for Act 309 inmates are conducted on Sundays.